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My boyfriend is wonderful and loving – but he has a tiny p.

We have penetrative sex, but it is so small that I feel nothing and I fear that, if he’s to be my life partner, I may never again enjoy sex in quite the same way.
After a series of unsuitable boyfriends, I have met a wonderful loving man. However, he has an extremely small penis. He can get an erection and we are able to have penetrative sex, but I often feel little to nothing, although he is a sensitive lover in other ways. I am full of regret that, if this is to be my life partner, I might never be able to enjoy penetrative sex in quite the same way again.

Regarding relationships, what exactly is your goal? Is it to find the perfect person, or the perfect penis? Would you accept my word for the fact that neither exists? Your search for complete and utter satisfaction on every scale is likely to lead to disappointment, dissatisfaction and regret. True intimacy and wonderfully loving human connections are partly defined by the ability of each person to see and accept the “failings” of the other, and to accept and share one’s own shortcomings. You are at an early stage in this new relationship, but rejecting an otherwise “wonderful” man on the basis of his penis size may be very unwise, especially since he is a fulfilling lover in nonpenetrative ways. Most nerve endings that help trigger pleasure and orgasm are in a woman’s clitoris, not the vagina. And over time, needs and bodies change, and desire waxes and wanes. When judging a partner’s ability to be satisfying in the long run, the only reliable benchmark is his willingness to learn to please you.

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