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Doctors Remove Pounds Of Blood And Fat From Woman’s Hands. 1 Month Later, It All Grows Back

Duangjay Samaksamam, a 59-year-old from Thailand, is now living life out in the open, happily running her parents’ grocery store — but things weren’t always that way.

Having dealt with a rare case of macrodystrophia lipomatosa since she was a small child, her arms and hands have grown into gigantic limbs.

Samaksamam was completely devastated when her body first started to swell, which is why she chose to live for years as a recluse. When she was 20 years old, she realized she didn’t want to let her condition control her life any longer. She needed to live for herself and accept her condition.

With this rare form of gigantism causing her pain and discomfort, Samaksamam’s decision to live a normal life has been a difficult one.

Simple tasks like combing and shampooing prove to be increasingly difficult for the 59-year-old. Despite numerous failed surgeries, she hasn’t given up hope.

In her last surgery, doctors were forced to remove over a pound of blood and fat from her hands. Months later, the growth returned.

While some doctors who hear her story hope to one day help her, they believe that there is currently no cure. According to doctors, her choices are either to amputate her hands or simply continue to live with them.

Although it’s unfortunate she’s at such a disadvantage in many tasks, she has chosen not to give up on herself or her life, keeping both her hands.

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