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Bigg Boss 10: Lopamudra Raut, Bani Judge to compete for ‘Ticket to Finale’ task?

Bigg Boss 10 is just three weeks away from its grand finale and its seven contestants are fighting against all odds to become a finalist.
Two of the strongest contenders and arch-rivals on Bigg Boss 10, Lopamudra Raut and Bani Judge seem to be pitted against each other once more time. According to reports, the two have been chosen for the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task and will now compete to enter the last week of the celebrity reality show, which is hosted by Salman Khan.
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The ‘Ticket to Finale’ task will allow one person to become safe from the upcoming evictions and get a direct entry into the final week. The task requires the two contestants to go into a mall and ask for votes from the public. The first task leading up to the ‘Ticket to Finale’ contest was the ‘ranking task’, where the six contestants — Lopa, Bani, Mona Lisa, Manu Punjabi, Manveer Gurjar and Nitibha Kaul had to rank themselves after a mutual decision depending upon where they stand on the show after 12 weeks. A picture from the task showed Lopa taking the first position followed by Bani, while Mona Lisa stands at the last position.
Rohan Mehra, who has been nominated for the entire season, could not participate in the task and hence was its sanchalak.

This task will have direct implications on the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task and it has been reported that after the ranking game, Lopa was chosen as the first contender for the ‘Ticket to Finale’ contest and later Bani was selected as her competitor. Another media report, however, suggests that Manu and Mona Lisa have won the place, though its authenticity is doubtful as only one person can win the coveted ticket.

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